• Install Knife

    Install Knife

    The cutter of the slitting machine arranges the cutter according to the specifications of the processing document, adjusts the clearance of the cutter, and ensures that the material is qualified with burrs.
    tool loading
  • Control panel linkage

    Control panel linkage

    The main control captain of the slitting line confirms that the whole line is ready, press the linkage control switch of the whole machine, and control the whole machine to accelerate slowly at a constant speed to achieve the slitting speed suitable for the current material. When the material slitting is about to reach the end , control the whole machine to slow down slowly at a constant speed. Until the material slitting process is completed.
    on the console
  • Leveling and fine-tuning

    Leveling and fine-tuning

    During the start-up of the entire cross-cutting unit and the automatic production process, the flatness of the raw material itself and the rolls is lacking. After manually adjusting the leveling auxiliary stick, it can be adjusted at any time to ensure that the flatness of the material reaches the standard.
    Micrometer adjustment
  • Thickness measurement

    Thickness measurement

    In the process of processing the whole steel roll, the quality inspector shall measure the material according to the data of the processing order, and measure the thickness of the head, middle and tail of the whole roll and record it in the book for later quality tracking and review. .
    on the console
  • Diagonal measurement

    Diagonal measurement

    After checking the requirements of the processing documents, input the cutting size in the main control computer, cut the steel plate, and manually re-scale the cut steel plate to ensure the accurate size and the two diagonal corners of the cut steel plate. The dimensional tolerances are within the normal tolerance range.
    diagonal measurement
  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

    Under the light, it is easier to find various surface problems caused by raw materials, burrs and iron powder friction after slitting, and it can be stopped in time for processing.
    Quality inspection
  • Package


    The cut steel plate is fully enclosed with anti-rust paper to prevent quality problems such as rusting caused by direct contact with the steel plate by the moist air. The steel plate is supported by wooden brackets to protect the material from factors such as lifting and collision. In order to ensure the safety of hoisting and transportation, the material and the wooden bracket are fixed with three horizontal and one vertical with steel belts.
    goods packing